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For a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

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Beautiful Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a beautiful transformative time. It is also a time when mothers tune inward and listen to their changing body. Prenatal Yoga can be wonderful practice for many as it taught with the changes of pregnancy in minds. As mothers move their bodies, they begin to understand more about themselves and the world around us. It increases awareness not only externally but internally. When mothers practice yoga to nurture themselves, they are also nurturing the growing babies inside them.

In Prenatal Yoga class with Lengzie, moms will learn to:

*Prepares for Labor and Delivery

*Work on body, mind and breath connections

*Tones important muscle groups

*Promote connection with baby

*Provides relief from common pregnancy complaints

*Make friend with like-minded mothers

I'm looking forward to share this beautiful practice with you and baby :)

Classes available at studio, online and also private class

DM for more informations

May you and baby be happy and safe, and may you live with ease and peace.

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