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The Yoga of Motherhood 母亲的瑜伽之旅

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

How yoga is part of her motherhood
The yoga of motherhood

The Yoga of motherhood❤️

Many women came to yoga classes for different reason but for Vivien , initially it was to relieve her back pain gradually the practice grew to be more than that, to flow more harmoniously with the demands of new motherhood.

Thank you Vivien for sharing this❤️❤️❤️❤️

Check out below for her pre and postnatal yoga journey🧘‍♀️:

The thought of getting pregnant as soon as I got married was far away from my mind. But the surprise came in 2021, when I found out a little miracle was growing and flourishing inside me. A beautiful life was unfolding day by day but at that time I wasn’t sure how to plan for myself physically and mentally for motherhood.

As my belly grows, I find myself suffering from backache due to poor posture. When I saw Leng Zie’s online class, I decided to give it try. Beside just focus on physical/ poses, her classes taught me to be more self-aware, to recognise my own limitations and possibilities as a woman as part of the process to prepare for motherhood. I learned and still learning how to embrace and to make myself better through this knowledge.

After giving birth, the reality kicked in that I have to take care of another human being. The relentless and unending hours of breastfeeding, burping, diaper changes and unruly rounds of sleep cycles. The progression never seemed to fade. The challenge was overwhelming and the lack of sleep contributes to my postpartum blues.

Again, I contacted Leng Zie and was recommended to go for the postnatal class. Thankful to hubby for supporting me to attend the class by taking care of baby, i got my own “me time“, I could let go and enjoyed short relaxation during the classes . Leng Zie’s class taught me to embrace the imperfections and motherhood in the best possible way, to go with the flow, to surrender and to have deep awareness of my true self. When I’m more aware and mindful, I learn to make myself better as a mom, a wife and for my family.

Each time after practice I find that my mood improves, and I’m able to connect with my baby better. Most importantly I have more patience to understand what my child needs from me instead of relying on guessing work.

Motherhood can be a hard, challenging, and overwhelming experience. I want to share with other moms who feel the way I did to know that they are not alone and that it’s perfectly OK to struggle with enjoyment after having a baby. I would like to highly recommend all mothers to have “me time” to allow ourselves to de-stress. This will help us to walk further in our motherhood journey and impart lifetime values of self-awareness to not just ourselves but our children too.

In the midst of the busyness it can be easy to forget to slow down. Yoga could be one of the way to help us find balance. Leng Zie’s classes are not complicated or hard to follow. She teaches easy to follow movements and poses that allows pregnant moms to have better posture. She’s not only teaches online for the sake of teaching, she attentively observed our posture and pose while we attend her class and she corrects us as we go along the class.

Thank You Leng Zie for the knowledge and attention during my pre and postnatal journey.








当我的肚子一天一天地变大,我发现自己因姿势不对而出现腰痛的情况。当我看到Leng Zie的线上课程,我决定试试看。除了留意身体或者姿势之外,她的课教会我更多的自我意识,还有在准备当妈时,我身为女人如何做好准备,认识自己的局限和可能。我学会,并还在学习,如何接受并通过这些知识让自己变得更好。


再次的,我联络了Leng Zie,并在建议下参与了产后瑜伽的课程。

非常感谢我的丈夫支持我参与,(代我)照顾宝宝,让我拥有自己的时间,暂时放下并享受短暂的课程。Leng Zie的课程教会我以最好的方式拥抱不完美和母亲的身份,顺其自然,屈服并对真实的自我有深刻的认识。 当我更有意识时,我学会了让自己成为更好的母亲和妻子。



在忙碌的生活中,我们往往忘了要慢下来。瑜伽是其中一个帮助我们寻找平衡的方式。Leng Zie的瑜伽课并不会太复杂或者有很难跟上(的动作)。她教的动作和姿势都是容简单易行的,并让怀孕的妈妈们有更好的姿势。她的线上课程不是为了教而教,而是在课堂上认真地观察我们的姿势,并纠正我们。


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