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The joy of Motherhood and Yoga

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Motherhood is amazing and yoga makes it better
The joy of Motherhood and Yoga

It’s all practice… that’s what they said and it’s what mama Katherina did. When she first joined my class, it was not easy for her to do many poses but she didn’t give up and just do her best. Let’s find out how she started her yoga journey and the joy of motherhood with her precious one. “January 2021, amidst the chaotic covid situation in the country, i received the happiest news. I was pregnant! Since it was my first pregnancy i was eager to have my family and friends visiting me. But the pandemic had other plans. So many rules were introduced and finally there was the interstate travel ban which made everything difficult. My husband and I were always finding activities to do at home to keep baby and I active. During this time, I found Lengzie’s prenatal yoga class. Although i had to do this online, I never felt lost. She guided me through all the poses and allowed me to try easier poses as a newbie. I began practicing listening to how I felt and asking for what I want. It was a journey of exploring body and mind, and connecting with a beautiful soul within me. My favourite had to be the bonding touch with baby as she would kick and roll happily in the tummy throughout the class. After my baby was born, I will never forget the day when i got to hold her tiny fingers for the first time. I thought i was going to explode with all the love and joy i was feeling. At this point i just knew she was going to be my everything. This little life that i have brought into the world was totally worth all the pain and tears. Soon after my delivery, i joined Lengzie’s postnatal yoga classes. I wanted to reconnect with my body and enjoy the little ‘me time’ now and then. It helped me slowly reconnect with my body, to heal and be functional to support myself in daily life so that I can take care of baby and my family better. I realised a yoga teacher like Lengzie is what mamas need: patient, calm and motivating. Motherhood is amazing and yoga makes it better. Thank you Lengzie for accompanying me throughout my motherhood journey ” Thank you Katherina for for sharing! . If you like to know more about the classes, whatsapp me for Prenatal/postnatal yoga classes infos.

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