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Finding balance in Yoga and Motherhood

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

How yoga helps mom to find balance
Yoga and Motherhood

Mama MinYin is always consistent in practice and sometimes could be seen with baby while practicing when baby is not asleep but she it didn’t stop her from practice yoga. Find out what she says about her up and down moments in pregnancy, postpartum,motherhood, yoga and what keep her going:

“When I found out that have a little baby growing inside of me and that I was soon be responsible for the baby, my brain went into overdrive with an array of emotions; I’d say, joy, anxious and nervousness. At that time hubby and me were still preparing for our wedding reception which has been postponed for 3rd time due to MCO. I’ve loved my baby the moment I first heard of the precious heartbeat from the ultrasound, I felt he was as real to me in the womb, as he would be outside of the womb.

Pregnancy journey wasn’t easy for me as I had severe morning sickness and diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on my week 13, my gynae advised to slow down my pace of life. It was a rough first trimester for me but at week 24 I finally started my first prenatal class with Leng Zie. Little did I realise what I learned in classes wasn’t just to ease the discomforts of pregnancy and breathing techniques for relaxation but they also prepare me for the birth of my baby. My body agreed with the low-impact movements in the class and my mind appreciated the time to relax and disconnect from everything going on around (and inside) me, I practiced until it was close to my due date.

After my son was born, there were many beautiful moments – too many to count, but there were equally challenging and hard times as i navigated new motherhood through a pandemic. Nobody ever told me just how hard breastfeeding can be, along coping with baby blue and sleep deprivation, I found that I became frustrated, intolerant and agitated easily over small matters. There were times when i was unable to handle another tug of my pant or annoying whine when I was trying to finish a deadline or answer a work call. I constantly assessed my parenting abilities and compare them with others, I felt horrified and ashamed at the thought that someone could be doing a better job than me.

Right after 3 months of my delivery, i contacted Lengzie and decided to join her postnatal yoga programme. The classes were not just about how to go for the pose but I learned to connect and come home to my body again when I was too much in the mind. When I move in more mindful way that I discovered what I had been missing. I realized that when I allowed myself time to practice, I was more easily able to calm my mind, feel space in my life, and generally be a better human and mother.

I learned to forgive myself for being an imperfect mother, and be respectful to myself when I was trying to do more than I could.

The practice helps me to to communicate better with myself and when I’m able to do that, I find that I communicate better with my baby. This is also the main reason why i chose to continue the practice with Leng zie even after I completed postnatal yoga.

Motherhood: it's all tiring but it's all good. I feel rewarded every time my baby look at me, it gives me meaning to be real and alive, to be human, and to experience life in abundance. Just waking up and seeing his smiling faces made me want to go another day. His chuckles always add another dose of enthusiasm in me and keep me going!

I feel so lucky and glad that i met Lengzie throughout my pregnancy and motherhood journey.

love, Min Yin”

Thank you MinYin for sharing this!



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