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Easy Upper body stretch with wall

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Say goodbye to upper body tension with this easy wall stretch which can be done at home or in the office

This stretch relieves tension in the shoulders, chest, and the back.

1. Start standing a few feet away from the wall.

2. Place your hands on the wall, it can be shoulders width apart or wider, adjust according to your body so long you are stable and able to feel the stretch in your shoulders and the back. Then, walk your feet back so they are underneath your hips or slightly away is fine.

3. Continue pressing into your palms as you slowly lower your chest towards the floor until you feel a stretch through the chest and shoulders.

5. Hold for 30 seconds or longer as you like.

Mommies with caesarean may want to be more mindful with the incision. If you feel discomfort or sharp pain while doing the pose, pls stop immediately or consult a doctor. .

Happy Practicing 😉

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