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Benefits of having a baby after 35

More and more women are delaying having children until their late 30s or 40s.

positive reason to have baby after 35
Benefits of having a baby after 35

While giving birth after 35 can come with a higher risk of certain complications, with proper support and medical care, parents of any age have every reason to believe that they can have healthy babies. Some researches and studies share some positive reasons:

  • Children born to older parents are more likely to lead healthier lives, they experienced fewer emotional and social dilemmas, accidental injuries and more likely to make better progress in the area of language development.

  • Women who give birth to their last child in their 30s or 40s have longer, healthier lives, study claims. It is thought to be due to telomeres, structures that act as protective caps on the end of chromosomes

  • Greater mental and emotional maturity in the women, they are more experienced and ready for baby arrival, to face the challenge of motherhood, compared to a younger woman, due to the life experience acquired over the years.

  • First-born children of women 35 years of age or older when they had their babies appeared to have sharper cognitive ability than kids born to younger moms (age 30 or younger).

  • Financial and professional stability. Starting at age 40, there is usually greater stability at economic levels and emotionally since the woman and / or her partner usually have reached professional goals and maturity.

More research and studies are needed for this topic but women may also prepare themselves for the birth of their child and motherhood regardless of their age, physically and emotionally with yoga. These are stories from moms about their yoga and motherhood journey:


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