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Acupressure Therapy

Based on principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure therapy helps stimulate the body to start healing the free flow of 'Chi' in the meridian points, unblocked trapped energy, and dissipate problems in areas of the body associated with a particular meridian. Acupressure balls for make it easier to use instead of using fingers and we can use them at our advantage to manage everyday discomfort.

It's great for women of all ages, pregnant and postpartum to improve overall health and ease symptoms and pain such as iregular menstruation, menopause, indigestion, muscles and joints pain, trouble sleeping, headaches, stressful lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and many more. The best about this is the side it's anti-aging and make us more beautiful as we heal inside, it reflects on the outside.

Learn how to establish your own, unique self-care routine rooted in this thousand year old to regain balance from the inside-out for your everyday self-care.

Workshop and private classes are coming soon.

Acupressure balls is available for sale.

DM for more infos

Acupressure therapy is 100% natural way and easy to follow, the benefits are amazing, when inside of the body is healing, it reflects on the outside physically

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